Dedicated Alabama Real Estate Lawyers Help Clients with Transactions and Disputes

Respected attorneys guide clients in the Butler area through property issues

At E. Mark Ezell, P.C., we draw on extensive knowledge of Alabama real estate law and financing when handling real estate transactions for our clients. If you are ready to buy or sell a property in the Butler area or anywhere else in Alabama, or if you need skilled representation during a real estate dispute, we provide responsive counsel to protect your real property investment. With a thorough understanding of both the commercial and residential markets and our familiarity with the local landscape, we are with you at each step of the process, from contract to closing. We also handle title conflicts, zoning and land use issues, eminent domain, foreclosures and other relevant property matters.

Attentive counselors guide clients through transactions

From offer to sale, the attorneys at E. Mark Ezell, P.C. carefully handle all aspects of real estate transactions. Our knowledgeable guidance and commitment to addressing your questions and concerns as they arise mean you can feel confident that your interests are being protected at every step.

To help you through a successful real estate transaction, our firm may:

  • Draft and review sales contracts
  • Negotiate real estate agreements
  • Review lending documents
  • Search and clear title
  • Analyze deals and rectify potential problems
  • Handle land- use, zoning and permitting issues
  • Conduct real estate closings

If complications or conflicts arise during a transaction, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to handle them efficiently, ensuring you know where things stand at each step of the process.

Thoughtful attorneys resolve disputes through negotiation and litigation

We understand that people do not enter into real estate deals lightly. When you have a claim on a property that comes under dispute, your home, business or a substantial portion of your financial assets may be on the line. Breach of contract issues, boundary disputes, title or insurance conflicts and fraudulent claims can become incredibly stressful for owners and potential owners. Having an attorney with substantial knowledge about property laws and civil litigation by your side can lighten the burden. To help our clients save time, costs and frustrations, we strive to find solutions to real estate disputes outside the courtroom, including through mediation. But when amicable agreements cannot be reached, you can rely on the attorneys at E. Mark Ezell, P.C. to be your committed courtroom advocates.

Contact responsive Alabama real estate attorneys

Buying or selling property can be equally exciting and stressful. To ensure that your interests are protected and your duties are fulfilled, it is wise to hire a focused and accomplished law firm. Call the Butler office of E. Mark Ezell, P.C. at 205-318-2423 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with a real estate attorney.